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"Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

Herbal Medicine

We are all a product of nature, and the best way to maintain good health is by living in harmony with nature. Disease results when this harmony and balance is upset. While modern medicine places more importance on treatment, herbalists believe that the body has inherent self-correcting tendencies to heal, and herbs can act in synergy with the body to cure us.


Back pain is a serious problem that many suffer with. It’s not only painful, but can limit you from doing the things you enjoy doing. These home remedies can help relieve back pain.


Do not know how to use these herbs as food? Here are simple recipes for the health conscious.

Capsicum chutney

Curry leaf powder

Green garlic chutney

Neem flower rasam

Brahmi chutney

Pudina Chai

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Tender coconut health benefits

Tender coconut water health benefits and home remedies
The Tender coconut water (TCW) is considered the purest liquid after water and is full of electrolytes, calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium....

Managing CLL Naturally

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia cannot cured and people live with the disease for many years. Learning to live with cancer that does not go away is very difficult and stressful. Treating CLL depends on several factors and is not expected to cure the disease. A healthy diet helps to manage the progression of the disease and to avoid chemo. If you are diagnosed with CLL, you can make some lifestyle changes to keep your body healthy and build your immunity.

Red onion helps combat cancer

Red onion is said to combat cancer

New research suggests that dark red onions, which are known as the richest source of dietary flavonoids may help fight off cancer of the colon and the breast. The findings, published in the journal, ‘Food Research International’, showed that red onions contain high levels of quercetin ...

Does Oil Pulling help Oral Health

Oil pulling for tooth health and whitening
A study on “Oil pulling for maintaining oral hygiene – A review”, says “mouth is considered as the mirror of the general health of the human body. Oral cavity harbors billions of microorganisms, some of these contribute to the development or progression of systemic diseases....

Does Gestational Diabetes result in Obesity and Diabetes in Children?

gestational diabetes and child health
Gestational diabetes may have long term consequences on the health of both, mother and child. Research has found that affected babies are are at a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life and childhood obesity.